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How Good Are Electric Pickup Trucks For Towing?

A Ford F-150 Lightning has been compared with a gasoline-powered GMC Sierra 1500 Denali in similar conditions to test how good they are for towing and which powertrain is the best.

Сons and Pros of electric pickup trucks are quite obvious even without testing, but a road test helped to get practical proof.

How far can a gasoline pickup truck and an all-electric one go towing the same camper on one fill-up? The Fast Land Truck guys asked this question and hit the road to answer it. They took the Ford F-150 Lightning with a fully-charged Extended Range Battery good for 320 miles EPA-rated (but not when towing!) and the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali with a 24-gallon fuel tank.

The F-150 Lightning could cover about 90 miles on a single charge before the battery was completely discharged. The efficiency was 0.7 mi/kWh. Meantime, the GMC Sierra traveled nearly 160 miles, and the dashboard display showed 8.9 miles per gallon.

Charging of the Ford vehicle cost less than $30 and took a good amount of time, while refueling of the GMC truck cost about $100 and needed little time.

What Conclusion We’ve Come to

Though modern electric vehicles are able to cover decent distances on a single charge, they are good for commuter rides rather than for long hauls and towing operations. They are not workhorses, though it will likely change over time. Only 90 miles wouldn’t work for a ranch owner or a farmer, or an avid traveler who used to drag his trailer behind.

An internal combustion vehicle is still a more viable option for longer-distance towing.

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