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How Far Tesla Model Y Goes Until Fully Discharged: a Test

A fully charged 2020 Tesla Model Y showed itself in a drive at a constant 70 mph on the highway. It could cover 275.4-mile distance, until the state of charge reached 0.

InsideEVs, more precisely, a plug-in vehicle specialist Tom Moloughney, conducted that range test to compare with other EVs tested in the same conditions.

It is also the chance to see how much the real driving range differs from the official figures.

The tester rented a Model Y from a car-sharing company in Jersey City (New Jersey). He drove in a long loop and finished approximately where he started.

The tires were set before the drive to 42 psi just according to Tesla recommendations, and the speed was set at the true 70 mph.

The wind was a mild 4 mph. The standard driving mode and regenerative braking settings were used.

The ourside temperature is an important factor that impacts the EV range. It was in the high 80’s (27°C ) to low 90’s (32 °C) during that trip. So, on the entire time, air conditioning worked in the vehicle.

The Tesla Model Y finished with 275.4 miles (rounded up to 276 mi), and the efficiency rate of 260 Wh/mi (16.1 Wh/10 km).

It’s interesting to look at the results of two Teslas and compare:

 EPA Range Rating70 mph Range TestWh/MiMi/kWhkWh/100km
2019 Model 3310 mi290 mi2344.2514.6
2020 Model Y316 mi276 mi2603.8516.1

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