Hot Version of Ford Bronco Arrives in H2 2022 Under a Mysterious Name

Ford Bronco logo

It is not news that Ford is preparing a high-performance version of the Bronco. But the name of the version is still a mystery, and this is not what we expected.

The hot, range topping Ford Fronco will feature special wheels and tires, unique lights, a FORD lettering on the grille, and, certainly, it will bring an outstanding performance (who would doubt that).

The name of the upcoming variant is somewhat murky so far. At first, it was logical to assume that it would be the Bronco Raptor. After the manufacturer filed to trademark the Bronco Warthog name in September 2020, we believed that would be the name for the beast.

Ford Authority has recently found out that today Ford bosses prefer to use well-recognized, popular names rather than new ones for new products, like in the case with the Mustang Mach-e or F-150 Lightning.

Following that logic, the Warthog name is not recognizable, except for a narrow circle of experts or ardent Bronco fans. Some signs point that Warthog is likely Ford’s internal code name.

An internal code name is not a moniker the vehicle actually wears. Therefore, the upcoming high-performance 2023 Ford Bronco will not be called the Warthog, when Ford launches in the 2nd half of next year. Instead, it will bring a different name: we wonder, which one? Maybe the Raptor after all?

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