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Honda will Offer Two New Electric Cars with GM’s Battery from 2024

Honda partners with General Motors to build electric vehicles.

A pair of new Honda’s electric cars will be available as 2024 models. They will use GM’s technologies, namely a new Ultium battery, as well as the OnStar merged with HondaLink and hands-free Super Cruise driver assist systems.

Ultium batteries of General Motors are sized between 50-200 kWh. The largest battery will give a range of 400 miles (644 km) and even more on a full charge.

GM's EV Ultium battery_1

In comparison with the batteries of other automakers, these ones from GM use less cobalt and are claimed to cost below $100/kWh. In 2019, battery prices averaged $156 per kWh.

Honda is currently working on the battery platform for future EVs, which will support the brand’s driving character.

Honda-GM collaboration puts the potencies of both companies together to provide greater value to customers, Honda states.

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