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Honda Unveils Two Nice Concepts at a Virtual Tokyo Auto Salon on Jan 15

Both concept vehicles are modified for the Japanese market. They expand the limits of a small car from conventional usage to multifunction.

The first one – 2022 Fit e:HEV Crosstar Custom aimed at outdoor activity enthusiasts  – is a rougher modification of the Honda Fit hatchback.

It features a slightly lifted suspension, Toyo Open Country all-terrain tires on black steel wheels, black-out roof, pillars, roof rails; Honda E-inspired lamps in the lower facia, and a Yakima roof rack.

The second customized Honda is a metallic-silver N-Van Custom food truck version named the “3rd Place Van”: not for home, not for work – just the 3rd place, for rest.

The vehicle has metal-effect finish and black steel wheels, a big roof rack, a string of inviting lights, a red-and-white awning, clearance lights above the windshield. This is mainly a mobile café that sells food out of the side door.

More details about these vehicles will be available as soon as the Tokyo Auto Salon is underway.

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