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Honda Recalls the 2019 CR-Vs In the USA

Honda North America has announced a recall of the CR-Vs of the 2019 model year due to a fuel tank malfunction.

134 vehicles of the 2019 Honda CR-V in the U.S. have defective fuel tanks. The carmaker is recalling them for the free-of-charge replacement.

The reason of the defect is an improper weld which attaches a vapor return hose on the top of the fuel tank and could result in leakage. In case an ignition source is present, there is a strong risk of a fire. Evaporative emissions regulations prohibit fuel vapor leaks.

Fortunately, for the moment there are no reports of fires or injuries related to this problem.

As soon as the owners of affected cars receive a recall notification, they should appoint a repair with an authorized dealer.

In late September, notifications will begin reaching the addressees.

When car owners want to check if their specific vehicle is included in the recall, they can visit or phone (888) 234-2138.

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