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Honda Introduces A Futuristic Rugged Buggy Pickup

At the SEMA 2018, Honda showcases the Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept car. It’s kind of a hybrid of buggy and pickup truck.

The Honda Rugged Open Air Concept is shown to the general public at the traditional SEMA in Las Vegas. It combines elements of two series models of the Japanese car manufacturer from various classes. The Honda Ridgeline pickup and the Honda Pioneer 1000 buggy serve the base for the. concept.

Designed and developed by Honda R & D Americas, the Rugged Open Air is a physical idea of what a future Hond SUV might look like.

The car combines the practicality of the Honda Ridgeline with the Honda Pioneer 1000’s extreme design and excellent off-road performance.

Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept for 2018 SEMA Show

Despite the fact that the Rugged Open Air Vehicle is a concept, it uses the existing Honda components.

For example, its body, suspension, steering column with certain changes are taken from the Ridgeline, the doors and steering wheel – from the Pioneer 1000, the seats – from the hot Civic Type R hatchback.

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