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Honda Develops Car-Generated Road Condition Monitoring System

Honda Research Institute USA (HRI-US) has developed a pilot road condition monitoring system as part of the company’s “Safety for Everyone” concept.

Honda’s new road condition monitoring system will be used in vehicles of the brand from early next year as part of the pilot program of Honda and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The system uses GPS coordinates and sensors/cameras to collect real-time roadway data in a frequent and cost-effective way to share them with road operators.

How Honda’s road condition monitoring works

The new system monitors lane markings and visually classifies lane lines at both sides of the vehicle using 4 color codes: green (ideal), yellow (good), grey (no lane lines), and red (need repair).

A Honda vehicle captures and anonymizes the information about road conditions, including latitude and longitude coordinates, video clips, relevant images, and then streams to a secure platform accessible to road operators for analysis and taking action if necessary.

Honda’s monitoring system will be eventually applied to detect a wider range of road conditions. Honda Research Institute is also working on adjusting ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) settings.

More precisely, the researchers are checking how connected Honda and Acura vehicles can access the anonymized data and warn drivers when lane markings are faded or need repair.

Source: Honda USA

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