Honda Civic All-Time Bestseller Celebrates 50 Years

11th-generation Honda Civic Hatchback 2022

The Honda Civic remains a bestseller for half a century. The automaker introduced the model as a 3-door hatchback in July 50 years ago. This month, Honda is sharing the 50th Anniversary celebration on the brand’s social media channels.

This July, the carmaker has organized a media campaign consisting of a video series that showcase five decades of the Honda Civic, a veteran of the brand, and one of the world’s most honored vehicles. The model is an integral part of American car culture and a favorite of different generations, from baby boomers to zoomers.

The Honda Civic is in its eleventh generation now, and its global sales are approaching 30 million. The sales of the Civic have been consistently high since it landed in Japan in 1972 and the USA in 1973.

Popularity Secret

We’ve thought of what the secret of the popularity of the Civic is, and decided that this is its versatility. The car offers everything you need at a sufficient level: good quality, reliability, safety, high fuel efficiency, low emissions, refined and responsive driving dynamics, engaging handling, and a comfortable ride.

The current 2022 Honda Civic is a nice combination of quality and value. The model has a so-so base engine in terms of acceleration, but an optional turbocharged engine is very decent.

The interior has a modern design and it is packed with technologies. The seating is roomy and comfortable, while the trunk is spacious for the segment.

The Civic is a top pick in its class. A base model is affordable but offers a long list of standard equipment. If you want more performance you can select a version with a turbocharged engine. Several body styles are to your choice.

Some Facts

  • The Honda Civic was the first vehicle to have a CVCC engine (in 1975) meeting emission standards with no use of a catalytic converter
  • With the Civic, you can choose a preferable body style: 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, 3-or  5-door hatchback, and wagon
  • In 1986, the carmaker introduced the Honda Civic Si – a performance icon in the compact segment.
  • The first Civic HEV arrived in 2001 in Japan and in 2003 in the USA. An all-new hybrid-electric Civic is on the cards
  • The high-performance Honda Civic Type R was introduced in America in 2017. Tomorrow the 2023 Type R (most powerful Civic ever) should be unveiled.  
1st-generation Honda Civic 1975
First-Generation 1975 Honda Civic

Source: Honda

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