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Honda Announces a Contest to Encourage Watching Fast and Furious Movie

A Honda dealership in Yonkers, New York has announces a contest to binge-watch the Fast and the Furious movie and share impressions on social media.

It sounds rather strange, but Honda has its own reason to sponsor the contest, since a few models of the brand appear in the series, including several Civic hatchbacks, the Acura NSX and the Honda S2000.

The mentioned dealer offers paying $900 for the binge-watch of all 9 films and chronicling this experience on Facebook and Twitter.

Through May 6, 2020, Yonkers Honda accepts entrants for the contest called ‘Fast Saga Binge-Watch’ on its website.

Applicants are proposed to answer several simple questions like “What do you love about cars and driving?” and in conclusion explain “Why are you the perfect person for this job?”

A person chosen by the dealer as a winner will have to watch eight movies in the Fast Saga in the week before the release of Fast & Furious 9 on May 22, and complete an online worksheet for each film. Moreover, he or she is asked to analyze the franchise on social media through the tradition of the binge-watch.

The dealership will provide the winner with copies of all nine movies, some energy drinks and snacks. A prize winner for the latest installment F&F 9 will get a $50 gift certificate.

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