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Health Experts Call For Shocking Warning Labels on Fuel Pumps

Scientists urge to label in-car fuel pumps with a warning about negative effects of fuels.

This is not news that the use of fossil fuel to power vehicles leads to air pollution and climate change. We all have heard of it, but are we really aware of the consequences?

The British Medical Journal, namely Mike Gill and colleagues, has published an article, which claims to adopt the same attitude towards the use of fuels as towards smoking. i.e. to stick cigarette packet-style warning labels on petrol and diesel pumps.

Such a shock tactic, including the frightening images of blackened lungs and flooded houses, should draw attention to environmental issues.

The use of fossil fuel affects people through ambient air pollution and annually causes about 3.5 million premature deaths. Climate change threatens the health of current and future generations, the article reports.

Such labels are already in use on fuel pumps in Vancouver, Canada. Sweden plans to introduce them in May too. The group calls to bring the labels in this year, ahead of the United Nations COP26 climate conference in November.

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