Have You Heard of a Small Cadillac Electric Crossover? It’s Already On Roads

2023 Cadillac Lyriq all-electric SUV

Sized like the XT4 and with the Lyriq-like exterior design, a small Cadillac electric crossover has appeared on the roads in the form of a camouflaged prototype. Spies have photographed it, of course.

The new Cadillac electric crossover is underway and should land in late 2024. Car paparazzi have just captured the first photos of a vehicle hidden under a spotty disguise. The prototype is undergoing testing on public roads in Michigan, as reported by GM Authority.

The vehicle’s silhouette, its roof shape, C-pillar treatment, an angled rear window, and a ducktail-style hatch spoiler resemble the Cadillac Lyriq (in the photo).

Expect the upcoming crossover will use the brand’s new design language, in particular, LED lighting that includes animated lighting signatures, a light bar of some type, and vertical accent lights.

Like the Lyriq, the model will sit on the BEV3 platform (its downsized version), and utilize the Ultium battery pack along with the Ultium Drive system of General Motors.

As for the driving range, battery capacity and performance figures, they should not be too far from 312 miles, 100.4 kWh, 340 horsepower, and 325 pound-feet of the base Cadillac Lyriq (starts at $62,990).

The latter, by the way, was sold out in 4 hours after orders opened on May 19, 2022. About 70 percent of the Lyriq buyers are new to the brand, and a significant proportion of those buyers are younger than a typical respectable purchaser of a Cadillac car. 68 percent of the Lyriq customers belong to Gen X and Gen Y demographic groups.

Cadillac’s upcoming new small ‘green’ crossover seems even more likely to appeal to young people, unless it will be too expensive for them, of course.

As for the name, unknown for today, it should end in “iq” and may be one of those names the company filed trademark applications for – Vistiq, Ascendiq, Optiq, Lumistiq, or Symboliq.

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