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GM & FCA Want To Buy Manufacturer Of Hummer & Humvee Off-roaders

AM General, better known by the Hummer brand in the world, is put up for sale. General Motors, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles and some others large corporations are interested in purchasing it.

The cost of AM General can be up to 2 billion dollars. If, of course, it comes to the deal. There is no official information about the sale of the army Hummers and Humvees manufacturer. GM, FCA and AM General’s rivals (BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Oshkosh Corporation) are called as potential purchasers.

AM General is in fact a military contractor and now manufactures mentioned Humvees. The civilian Hummer H1 (pictured) was produced since 1992. Then the Hummer H2 was developed based on the large Chevrolet Suburban SUV. At that time, the rights to the brand had already belonged to GM.

In 2009, the H2 production ceased. The AM General’s plant switched to assembly of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class crossovers by contracts for China.

It’s not quite clear why GM and other companies want to buy a military contractor. But its potential sale comes, as the U.S. Army is preparing to add a next-generation combat vehicle to its fleet.

New land vehicles are expected to launch in 2022. Therefore, future cooperation with the US government may well attract the attention of potential manufacturers of military vehicles. This is especially true for American General Motors.

Source: MotorAuthority

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