Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage Affects the 2021 Ford F-150 Production

Ford F-150 2021 MY image

Unfinished 2021 Ford F-150s have been stockpiled in parking lots.

Detroit Free Press informs these pickups are sitting at a Department of Public Works rail yard off I-96 near Evergreen in Detroit. According to the estimates, the inventory amounts between a few hundred thousand and one million dollars.

The analogous situation already happened months ago in connection with incomplete final quality checks. This time there’s another reason – a shortage of semiconductor chips necessary to finish the vehicles.

Unfortunately, supply chain disruption due to the coronavirus has become commonplace at present, and this news is just one of several of this kind.

Ford had to cut production of the F-150, along with most other U.S.-made vehicles. The automaker is trying to cope with the current shortage of semiconductor chips and potential scarcity of rubber and foam, as well as to arrange related supply chain issues.

Ford CEO Jim Farley believes the chip shortage should be over by the third quarter of this year. But many analysts are less optimistic. They say the problem will last at least through the end of 2021 and cause shortages of 2-3 million cars worldwide.

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