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German SUVs in the USA: Volkswagen Atlas is the Bestseller

The most popular German crossover in the United States is the Volkswagen Atlas. The rating also includes the Volkswagen Tiguan, BMW X3, Audi Q5, and the Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Crossovers of German brands are not bestsellers in the country. Sales of American and Japanese SUV models are much higher. However, German SUVs definitely do not lag behind, have their own niche, and, most importantly, demand for them is very stable. This year is no exception.

The Volkswagen Atlas is currently the most popular German crossover in the USA. In the first half of the year alone, 44,000 Americans bought it, plus almost 26,000 chose the Atlas Sport coupe.

There is nothing surprising in the leadership of the big Volkswagen crossover. First, the Atlas was created specifically for America.

Secondly, the current trend: Americans are changing from cars to crossovers. Of course, not all, but the trend is undeniable.

In addition, the Atlas Sport sports-stylized version added popularity to the model. By the way, as we informed, Volkswagen has developed a concept of a hot Atlas R. The prototype Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept is already being tested, and the production prospects of this model are quite serious.

It is also worth noting the automaker plans to create a fully electric crossover. It will be a similar size to the Atlas, but Volkswagen will build it on a dedicated electric platform.

As for the German crossovers in the U.S., the second by sales is the Volkswagen Tiguan – 65,000 units within six months. The Tiguan is a successful model, in general. The vehicle sells well not only in the United States but worldwide.

The Tiguan Allspace 7-seater and the high-performance Tiguan R add more buyers. R. However, only the Tiguan R-Line with a sporty appearance is currently on sale in the USA.

Representatives of the German Big Three also have fans in the country. The best-selling BMW crossover is the X3: 36,000 sales in half-year. The Audi Q5 boasts 34,000 sales followed by the Mercedes-Benz GLC with slightly more than 30,000 sales.

What about Porsche SUVs?

The Cayenne and Macan are niche models, like the rest of the brand. Porsches will never be mass-market vehicles, and the automaker does not strive for this.

Both crossovers have approximately the same sales figures – 10,000-11,000 units in H1, 2021. This is a very decent result even for America, given the cost of the Cayenne (from $52,100) and the Macan (from $69,000).

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