Genesis G90 Sees a Big Price Increase, Deliveries Begin In August

2023 Genesis G90

Deliveries of a new 2023 Genesis G90 begin in mid-August, and this is good news. Albeit we’ve annoyed to reveal the premium sedan is $13.5 more expensive than the predecessor.

The Korean automaker has released the 2023 Genesis G90 pricing. We see a sizable base price rise over the 2022 model’s cost, though the car is still a rather competitive offering in its segment.

It is cheaper than the 2022 Mercedes-Benz S500 or the 2023 BMW 740i, but more expensive than an entry-level 2023 Audi A8. The new Genesis G90 now starts at $89,495. This is $13,450 more than its previous starting price.

All 2023 G90s come equipped with V6s that vary by output levels. A base 3.5-liter engine delivers 375 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque. An 8-cylinder engine, previously available, left the engine lineup.

A higher-end G90 will a 48-volt hybrid system and an electric supercharger costs from $99,795. This version adds extra content, like an air suspension, rear-wheel steering, 21-inch wheels, power massaging rear seats, and delivers 409 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque.

Will the G90’s Price Increase Affect Demand?

It may affect, though the price is not the basic criterion to influence the purchase in the premium segment.

Customers have usually bought Korean vehicles because of their price/value advantage. If this advantage is lost, buyers may switch to rivals.

Luxury German, English, or Italian cars currently offer more tech and styling goodies wealthy people are ready to pay extra for.

Nevertheless, the Genesis G90 is a good choice by itself, especially in terms of performance, comfort, and sensibility. Its ride is composed and quiet, the materials it uses are high-quality, and the infotainment system is sharp.

Almost any active safety feature you can think of is here, in the Genesis G90. When it comes to safety and predicted reliability scores, the model is perfect.

Source: Car and Driver

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