General Motors Won’t Build Electric And Autonomous Pickups

General Motors Won’t Build Electric And Autonomous Pickups

General Motors, unlike other carmakers, is not going to shift to electric or all the more autonomous pickups.

Sad to hear it, especially while the world EV car market steadily grows, and large car manufacturers approve their electrification strategies for coming years.

As for GM, they will stay with petrol-powered cars and trucks for decades. According to Mike Ableson, the company’s Vice President Global Strategy, the core business plan is developed for a couple of decades, and motor enthusiasts should not await electric or autonomous pickups from General Motors.

It’s depressive news to some extent, given that Tesla, Rivian and possibly Ford work on an electric pickup. Competitors could force GM to develop EVs and change its strategy.

Tesla, for example, intends to introduce its electric pickup. Elon Musk promises it will have a driving range from 500 miles (805 km), dual motor all-wheel drive, great torque and adjusted-for-load suspension.

The Tesla pickup truck will have power outlets which allow using heavy duty 240V, high power tools in field all day. No generator needed.

Source: InsideEvs 

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