General Motors Will Offer a SUV Version Of Its New Electric Hummer

The GMC Hummer EV in a SUV form should arrive in 2023, with the staring price of around $75,000.

The manufacturer recently unveiled the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup truck. This model is the first pure electric vehicle in GMC’s portfolio powered by General Motors’ new Ultium battery system.

Initial production of the pickup begins in late 2021. The first to reach customers will be the most expensive, ultra-loaded Edition 1 that costs $112,595.

According to Car and Driver, GM’s investor video conference took place yesterday, which brought the info about the 2023 GMC Hummer EV SUV.

So, the GMC Hummer EV will be eventually available both as a pickup and a SUV, with two- and three-motor setups.

The SUV will likely have the same trim levels as the truck: top Edition 1, three-motor EV3X, two-motor EV2X, base EV2. Like the pickup, the Hummer electric sport utility vehicle comes equipped with an air suspension, four-wheel steering, standard GM’s Super Cruise, 35-inch tires, and removable roof panels.

The both should have the similar exterior (with the exception of a bed presence) and interior, meaning the 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster and the 13.4-inch touchscreen.

The SUV (possibly a three-row one), will hit the roads no earlier than 2023. It should be a little cheaper than the pickup truck.  

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