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General Motors Recalls More Than 200 Ths Cars Due To Brake Defect

To avoid risks of a road accident, General Motors recalls vehicles in North America due to the braking system problem.

It is about 210,628 cars in the USA and 19,385 cars in Canada of 2018-2019 model years. The models affected to malfunction are the GMC Terrain, Cadillac XTS (pictured), Buick LaCrosse and several Chervolets: Volt, Bolt EV, Malibu, Impala, Cruze and Equinox.

Defected brake pistons are reported to be a reason of recall. While produced, they were not properly tempered and chromed, so the manufacturing process failed. A defective piston can cause gas release into the vehicle’s braking system and creation of a “soft or spongy feel” when the driver pushes the brakes.

ZF Group, the manufacturer of brake components, investigated similar claim reports from other carmakers (VW, Audi, BMW). But GM then was not in the list of purchasers of affected brake calipers.

Dealers of General Motors will deflate rear brakes to remove any gas, if necessary. Fortunately, no crashes caused by the problem are known to happen so far.

Source: Automotive News

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