General Motors Recalls 194,000 Vehicles For Oil Leak Avoidance

General Motors Recalls 194,000 Vehicles For Oil Leak Avoidance

Missing bolts in 194,105 vehicles from General Motors can cause a transmission oil leak and increase the risk of fire or a crash. GM notified about the recall.

On October 29, 2020 General Motors submitted the Safety Recall Report to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The reason is the bolts on the stop-start accumulator: they can be loose of absent.

No injuries or accidents related to the issue have been revealed.

The involved vehicles are

  • Chevrolet: 2019-20 Blazers, 2018-19 Cruzes, 2018-20 Equinoxes and Traverses, 2018 Malibus;
  • GMC: 2019-20 Acadias and 2018-20 Terrains;
  • Buick: 2019-20 Enclaves and Encores, 2018-19 Lacrosses;
  • Cadillac: 2019-20 XT4s, 2020 XT6s.

The company first discovered the problem (2 missing bolts in 2 stop-start accumulators) in July, and rectified the issue that month.  

Dealers have been notified from October 29. The owners of the vehicles under recall will receive related notification starting from December 14.

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