General Motors Ponders Joining Electric Pickup Makers Club

Production of electric pickup trucks is a matter of consideration for several automakers. General Motors Company decided to keep up and thinks about the launch of its own all-electric pickup.

Rivian presented the R1T in Los Angeles in November 2018 and even started road testing. The model delivers up to 400 miles of range.

The Tesla pickup should arrive after the Model Y, according to Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO. Ford is going to electrify its best-selling F-150, though no timing revealed.

GMC will likely join the race. The company’s senior executive has confirmed such a possibility. Until we know the details, it will remain only intention, no more.

Will we ever see the GMC Sierra EV battling the electric Ford F-150?

An electric-powered pickup truck from General Motors may come sooner than we expect. The American automaker is reading a new electric platform to arrive by 2021. The first to wear it will be a Cadillac.

GMC plans to introduce at least 20 electric vehicles by 2023.

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