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Geely Announces a Vehicle Able to Withstand Coronavirus

Geely has introduced a new electric SUV with N95-certified air purification system that isolates and eliminates bacteria and viruses.

This vehicle is called “Icon”. The Chinese automaker, which is famous by its filtration systems fighting against pollution, unveiled the SUV at the end of last month, and has already received 30,000 reservations.

Adding the power of an N95 particulate respirator mask into a vehicle during an outbreak is a good idea, indeed, but if it really helps in case with the coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Geely says it developed its new Intelligent Air Purification System (IAPS) in record time and got the N95 certification. The company claims this system is highly efficient in resistance to air pollution.

Moreover, in combination with the Icon’s air conditioner, it will isolate and eliminate harmful elements inside the car including bacteria and viruses.

A coronavirus-fighting vehicle is surely a useful thing, but there’s no evidence of how it actually works. Besides, by the time it will appear on the roads, the current Covid-19 epidemic could subside. We all hope it’ll happen soon.

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