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Future Volkwagen R Models Will Go Electric

Volkswagen in the person of its Board Member Jürgen Stackmann has confirmed to TopGear that the future R models will be electric.

VW Group’s top manager claims the R cars will “probably surprise and amaze” us. Sounds life-affirming, doesn’t it?

Like Hyundai with its hot N range, Volkswagen is expanding the performance R lineup.

The carmaker already has five R models in the pipeline. More precisely, two of them, the T-Roc R and Touareg R, were launched, while the Tiguan R, Arteon R, Mk8 Golf R are underway and will arrive soon. The Golf R is coming to America, by the way.

The future of R needs to be, and will be, electric,

Stackmann said.

The Volkswagen Touareg R (pictured) was the first R model with a hybrid powertrain. Its total output is 456 hp (340 kW). And that is not the end, as it turned out: electrification of the R range continues.

As they say, “electrified performance models from Wolfsburg won’t be a surprise at all”. OK, it will be interesting to see and try electric R versions of famous Volkswagens.

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