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Future Ford EVs Won’t Be Electric Counterparts Of Existing Models

Future Ford EVs, as well as Lincoln-branded ones, will not simply be electric variants of the existing range.

During the recent Q1 2022 earnings call, Ford CEO Jim Farley declared that the company’s future all-electric vehicles would not be the usual electric versions of the existing lineup. In other words, the company is going to reimage its traditional nameplates.

Farley’s statement could suggest the fact they want to bring new vehicles to the market which will ride on newly developed EV dedicated platforms and have their distinct progressive design, aesthetically different from that of gasoline models under the same monikers.

Indeed, the Blue Oval now has a pair of new platforms for electric vehicles under development: one for crossovers/SUVs and another for full-size pickup trucks and commercial vehicles.

So, a completely new architecture will possibly underpin the future all-electric Ford Bronco, Ford Explorer, or Lincoln Aviator instead of the one current internal-combustion Bronco, Explorer, and Aviator sit on.  

Electric Fords and their gasoline relatives will likely coexist on the market until a full phase-out of internal combustion models.

Source: Ford Authority

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