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Upcoming Ford Bronco Can be Found Thanks to Digital Breadcrumbs

The revived Bronco won’t get lost while driving thanks to an off-road navigation system.

The next-generation Ford Bronco off-road SUV is designed on the same platform as the Ford Ranger Raptor pickup truck. In addition to the architecture, the new vehicle will receive the specific navigation system as an option.

Electronics generates the so-called digital breadcrumbs along the route. Thanks to these marks, the SUV will not be lost when riding over rough terrain, and the driver will easily understand how to get home.

Convoy Communications will be another useful feature for travelers. It allows a group of cars to conduct a private chat while traveling together. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate this option.

Speaking about the next Ford Bronco, we should mention its promised high off-road performance letting the model rival to the Jeep Wrangler.

The official premiere of the new Bronco will be held in spring 2020. This is one of the most anticipated debuts in the global car market.

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