Ford F-150 EV

Spy cameras have recently captured the new Ford F-150 hidden in camouflage. It would not be news if not one thing: the pickup is battery electric!

So, Ford really intends to electrify the F-Series “from the F-150 all the way to the F-750”, as the company’s boss announced in mid-January. They are going to launch both hybrid and all-electric F-150 to make this world’s best-seller (and No.1 in demand in America) fitted for the future.

Now we can see the first photos of the vehicle plugged into a charger proving that the electric pickup truck is being developed in full swing.

The F150’s body sits a bit higher due to batteries put underneath the cabin. An exhaust tip on the back is just a disguise for viewers, we believe. This is only a test mule that will probably differ anyway from a production truck.

Certainly, it’s too early to talk of its specifications and an arrival time. Beyond all doubt, Ford will make a large step forward to the EV segment offering the pure electric F-150.

Source: InsideEvs

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