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Four Grille Designs From Ford: Which Ones And What For?

Ford filed to trademark four different grille designs.

The trademark filings appeared on May 29, 2020 in the category of “automobile grilles” on the website of United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

It’s noteworthy Ford deals with a trademark this time, and not a patent, that is more typical thing for such cases.

The first grille design resembles that of the 12th-generation Ford-150 in some trim levels. It features four horizontal bars with smaller vertical ones behind. On each side, there are two prominent vertical openings.

The second grille design looks like it is created for a pickup truck. It represents a thick surround, three horizontal bars, C-shaped end pieces which mimic the now-existing headlight design of the brand. The similar (but not identical) grille design can be met on the current F-Series Super Duty (pictured).

The third and fourth grille designs seem to belong aesthetically to a SUV/crossover.

Design 3 utilizes a traditional mesh we could see on several models, like the first-generation Ford Escape or the SUVs from 2000s.

Design 4 shows a grille sloped on the sides. It looks more classic, and its contours remind of what we saw on the previous Ford Explorer. 

It is still unclear what these designs are for: past, current or future models. Hope we’ll get some answers, when the next F-150 debuts on June 25, and Ford unveils the bigger Bronco in July.

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