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Four Flaws of Tesla Model Y Discovered

The Tesla Model Y is gathering numerous customer complaints which indicate the urgent need for intial quality control by the company.

The Model Y was much anticipated and talked about, but, unfortunately, there are some disappointing things about it.

InsideEVs has revealed four problems with the Tesla Model Y they rented for a range test.

The first is that the upper covering of the rear door was torn. It should have been noticed by Tesla’s quality control specialist. The problem could happen during transportation, after the vehicle left the factory.

Despite the client’s report, the problem has not been fixed yet, though 6 weeks passed after the delivery.

The second issue was an improperly secured speaker. It just fell off, and the driver had to secure it anew. Probably, it was not attached properly at the factory.

The third issue many Model Y owners reported about was a wire that hanged out of the front right wheel well and dragged on the ground.

The wire serves to power the pedestrian alert speaker, but for some reason, Tesla didn’t install the speakers on many Tesla Model Y cars. The wire just dangles down and finds its way out into the wheel well area.

The fourth issue was an improperly aligned rear hatch hitting the plastic taillight lens. It lowers and bounces back and forth a bit before latching closed. The hatch needs to be well fixed and adjusted.

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