Ford’s First Electric Crossover Can Perform Well In Cold

Ford’s First Electric Crossover Can Perform Well In Cold

Ford has published video teasers of its first Mustang-inspired all-electric crossover.

In this manner the company tries to dispel consumer concerns about the model frost resistance and behavior at the track.

In the first video the SUV is being tested in the cold (at -40°C).

In the second clip the pre-production vehicle is demonstrating its ability of carving corners at the track.

With the help of these videos Ford wishes to prove the firm’s all-electric SUV will be capable enough, despite the driving public doubts.

Ford made a research and found out that only 19% Americans trusted EVs in harsh weather. 28% would prefer an electric car to go in an emergency over an ICE-powered vehicle. Just 18% respondents suppose that EVs are faster than gasoline vehicles.

The new crossover should arrive next year followed by an electric F-150 in 2021 and a couple of SUVs in 2022.

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