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Ford Will Reduce The Number Of Platforms To Cut Costs

Ford will reduce the number of platforms to five. The company takes such measures to increase profits and cut costs by $25.5 billion over the next several years, according to Automotive News.

To do this, One Ford global plan will be amended again. New platforms will help lowering the costs for production of the entire model line-up.

A body-on-frame platform with rear / four-wheel drive is claimed to remain for models like the F-150 and Expedition. The Escape/Kuga and Edge crossovers will use the front / four-wheel drive unibody . underpinnings.

The rear / all-wheel drive unibody will form the basis of the Mustang and Explorer. One platform will be made for Ford’s commercial models and one more – exclusively for battery-electric vehicles.

Ford expects to save about $7 billion in development of new models and other engineering. They will reduce the time of launching new products to market by about 20% and hope to make engineering 20-40% more efficient with this new plan.The US carmaker will focus on trucks and  commercial vans, followed by SUVs.

Previously Ford reduced the brand’s platforms from 30 to 9. Now they suppose that even nine is too many.

Photo: 2018 Ford F-150

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