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Ford Will Possibly Apply Virtual Controls For Steering Wheel

Ford filed a patent for a steering wheel with virtual controls. The patent application was published on February 24, 2022.

Virtual controls instead of physical buttons on the steering wheel will help the driver not to be distracted from the road in search of a right button to push, and Ford’s new patent is just about this.

As CarBuzz informs, it depicts a steering wheel with virtual controls that replace physical buttons for audio systems, cruise control, and Sync multimedia-related controls.

The 2023 Ford Ranger already has virtual controls in the touchscreen and will continue offering them further for more functions in more vehicles.

In the aforementioned patent, the frequently-used controls are replaced by a virtual image of the switch in a digital display.

When a function appears on the screen, graphics are removed from the control itself facilitating the driver’s interaction and allowing him to be focused on the road.

Ford Patent of Virtual Steering Wheel Controls
Virtual Steering Wheel Controls of Ford: Patent

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