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Ford Will Increase Range Figures For the Mustang Mach-E

According to unofficial info, the range figures for the Ford Mustang Mach-E will be revised upwards after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) completes testing.

Ford increased the power numbers for the Mach-E, so it is not surprising they want to do the same with the driving range, InsideEVs reports.  

The power increase is the following:

  • 346 hp/258 kW and 428 lb-ft instead of previous 332 hp/240 kW and 417 lb-ft for the extended-range all-wheel-drive car;
  • 290 hp/216 kW and 317 lb-ft, up from 282 hp/210 kW and 306 lb-ft – extended-range rear-wheel-drive model;
  • 266 hp/198 kW 428 lb-ft, up from 255 hp/190 kW and 417 lb-ft – standard-range all-wheel-drive Mach-E;
  • 266 hp/198 kW and 317 lb-ft up from 255 hp/190 kW and 306 lb-ft – standard-range rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

EPA range estimates are the following:

  • *SR, RWD: 230 miles (370 km)
  • SR, AWD: 210 miles (338 km)
  • *ER, RWD: 300 miles (483 km)
  • ER, AWD: 270 miles (434 km)
  • GT with Optional Equipment: 235 miles (378 km)

* SR = 75.7-kWh standard range battery, ER = 98.8-kWh extended range battery.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E will go on sale in late 2020, or in early 2021 in some markets. It offers several versions and trims, including a limited First Edition and a special GT Performance Edition (launch in spring 2021).

U.S. prices sit between $43,895- $60,500. 0-60 mph acceleration takes from low six to mid five second range.

The Europe-spec Mustang Mach-E targets the range up to 600 km (373 miles) WLTP rated.

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