Ford Wants To Make Electric Crossovers Affordable

An all-new fully-electric Ford crossover will feature a combination of an impressive design, high dynamics and a digital interface thought out well. The electric car will appear in 2020s and have a unique price positioning.

Ford expects growth of demand for EVs in the next 2-5 years thanks to legislative measures that encourage the use of electrified vehicles, as well as higher consumer properties of cars with a fully electric powertrain.

Ford plans to invest 11 billion dollars till 2022 in the electrification of its model lineup. During this time 40 electrified models will be presented, and 16 of them are pure electric cars.

The first of the planned green range will be a compact SUV with a design inspired by the Ford Mustang’s exterior. The all-electric crossover is claimed to get an attractive price, unique features and be the kind of vehicle never available on the market before.

The first Ford’s production electric car will have a power reserve of 480 km. It offers high dynamic performance and practicality at affordable price.

Like the new electric crossover, Ford’s other EVs will be inspired by the brand’s legendary models and have improved driving, functionality and comfort compared to cars with internal combustion engines.

The carmaker wants customers to buy electric vehicles not just for their environmental friendliness, but for their ability to improve life quality.

Ford’s showrooms will be equipped with large screens, and software updates will be made via wireless data transmission over the Internet.

Source: Ford

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