Ford Unveiles its Mustang-Inspired All-Electric SUV On November 18

Ford Unveiles its Mustang-Inspired All-Electric SUV On November 18

The other day, Ford announced the reveal date of its first all-electric SUV.

Ford has long been intriguing the public with this new model. Spy photos, information leaks have given ground for conjecture.

Now there is a certainty, at last: the carmaker published a design sketch with indication of the premiere date – November, 18, 2019.

Well, the car will be live-streamed from a location in Los Angeles at 03:00 CET (02:00 GMT) ahead of its official public debut at the 2019 LA Auto Show.

The sketch shows just a silhouette that resembles the Ford Mustang, the new electric crossover’s inspirer.

Ford promises that its EV SUV’s driving range will be more than 370 miles (600 km) WLTP-rated (WLTP/EPA ratio averages roughly 1.121). So, the vehicle will cover more distance on a single charge than the Audi e-tron (220 mi) or the Tesla Model X (314 mi).

Does it mean the new SUV will be considerably pricier than we expect from a Ford model? It is possible. We’ll see.

The American automaker seems to focus on performance potential of its electric crossover, and the capability to offer rapid acceleration. Full torque, leastwise, is available from the motor from a standstill.

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