Ford Trains Test Drivers Of Level 4 Using The Mustang Shelby FP350S

More than 10,000 drivers are involved in Ford models testing. Only 20 of them have the status of test drivers of the highest Level 4. The Mustang Shelby FP350S racing supercar is used to prepare elite test pilots.

Before to hang over the Ford Mustang Shelby FP350S to factory test drivers, it was equipped with a second instructor’s seat and a 50-channel data acquisition unit.

The angle of the steering wheel rotation, the pressure in the braking system and the time when the foot is moved from the gas pedal to brakes – all these data help instructors develop individual recommendations for test pilots.

The Mustang Shelby FP350S is developed by Ford Performance division for the Trans-Am, NASA and other North American races. Presented in 2017, this muscle car is not intended for public roads.

Under the hood there is a 5.2-liter V8 engine with 520 hp combined with a six-speed manual transmission and a Torsen differential.

The FP350S in the USA and Canada can be ordered from any Ford dealership at the price of around $115,000.

Drivers ranked as fourth-level test pilots apply racing driving skills to explore Ford Performance sports cars potential.

Along with the fact it’s especially important for the average buyer of any Ford model, test pilots then share their experience with engineers of other divisions, and their skills help to “feel” the vehicle’s settings better when refining mass models.

Source: Ford

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    I think you meant Test Drivers in the headlines not Test Divers

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      No problem, great article!

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