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Ford Tourneo Custom Has Got Plug-In Hybrid Version

The world debut of the Tourneo Custom minibus with an innovative hybrid drive recharging from the electricity grid has taken place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Ford Tourneo Custom Plug-In Hybrid opens the lineup of models presented as part of the Ford Electrification Program.

The front wheels of this hybrid minivan are driven exclusively by an electric motor powered by a 14kWh lithium-ion battery. A 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine is used to increase driving range. A motor generator provides battery recharging.

The Custom Plug-In Hybrid rides up to 31 miles (50km) on a single charge, with the internal combustion engine it can travel up to 311 miles (500km).

Driving Modes

There are four electric driving modes:

EV Auto provides the optimum combination of power and efficiency. Vehicle control algorithms monitor the battery charge level and current driving conditions (for example, driving on a highway or with frequent stops) and determine when the internal combustion engine should be used.

With the EV Now mode the priority is to utilize the energy stored in the battery, and the internal combustion engine is not used until the battery charge drops to a minimum level. After that, driving with zero emissions is impossible.

With the EV Later mode the priority is to use the ICE, and the capabilities of regenerative recharging technology serve to maintain the current charge level of the battery as efficiently as possible to ensure its readiness for future application.

When the EV Charge mode is on, the internal combustion engine serves for recharging the battery to prepare it for driving in the EV Now mode.

Using the charging connector located in the front bumper, the Tourneo Custom Plug-In Hybrid can be fully recharged within 5 hours from a 240V household power grid with 10A amperage. When a 240V industrial network with current of 16 or 32A is used, full charging will last about 3 hours.

Source: Ford

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