Ford Shows a Bronco-Based Sports Concept

Ford Shows a Bronco-Based Sports Concept

Ford Performance presents a Ford Bronco R race prototype to memory Rod Hall’s historic Baja 1000 win of 1969, never duplicated, and to attract more attention to the upcoming Bronco.

Rod Hall is the only racer to have raced every Baja 1000 in a four-wheeled vehicle. The Bronco R in a livery inspired by Hall’s winning vehicle is debuting in the desert to celebrate 50th anniversary of the mentioned win.

Rod’s granddaughter Shelby Hall will participate in this-year race on the 2019 Ford Bronco R Concept to honor her famous relative.

Ford Performance developed the race car in collaboration with Geiser Brothers and Cameron Steele, Baja 1000 Trophy Truck champion.

The Bronco R will go to the Baja Peninsula later this month to pass near 1,000-mile off-road course and test the production Bronco‘s platform and powertrain.

Developers kept Bronco R’s design authentic and simple, with a roll cage on a production-style frame and a five-piece lightweight body.

For endurance needs they built in a limited number of race-focused parts. Twin-turbo EcoBoost engines represent of what the series Bronco will offer.

2019 Ford-Bronco R Concept Profile photo

The race prototype is built on a modified Ford T6 architecture. Among other specific things, it features an independent front suspension with 14 inches of travel, a five-link rear chassis with up to 18 inches of travel, custom Fox shocks, 17-inch beadlock-capable aluminum wheels and 37-inch tires.

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