Ford Shifts the Bronco Reveal Date to July 13

Ford Shifts the Bronco Reveal Date to July 13

Ford has changed the date for the Bronco reveal.

Initially the company planned to unveil the long-awaited model on July 9. 2020.

After Ford realized that was the date of O.J. Simpson’s birthday, the company decides to move the Bronco SUV’s debut to July 13, Monday. Ford has announced the new date via Twitter.

Simpson famously led police on a low-speed chase through Los Angeles in his white Ford Bronco in June 1994. A popular figure with the U.S. public (former football player and actor), he is best known for being tried for the murders of his ex-wife and her friend.

On Twitter, the automaker states:

We are sensitive and respectful to some concerns raised previously about the date, which was purely coincidental.

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