Ford Releases the Bronco Celebration Launch Series

The Bronco Celebration video is available today, on June 15, at 10 am EDT.

The video contains interviews with Ford team members who participated in the preparation of the Ford Bronco production launch. Customers and reservation holders are involved too.

After several delays caused by the COVID-19 and supply chain issues, Ford finally announces that 2- and 4-door Broncos have been put on the assembly line at the Michigan Assembly Plant. Moreover, the first vehicles are currently on their way to U.S. dealerships nationwide.

From dealers, the new Ford Bronco will be going to early reservation holders – those who made pre-orders in the summer of 2020.

For receivers of a customized Bronco with factory-installed additional features, the carmaker has a new Modification Center near the Michigan Assembly Plant.

Customers can choose there what they wish to add to their Bronco, including roof racks, graphic packages, off-road ‘goodies’, etc.

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