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Ford Presents Its Electrified Lineup at the Frankfurt Motor Show

At the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford is demonstrating an impressive lineup of electrified vehicles.

The all-new Ford Kuga Plug is a plug-in hybrid version with the highest electrification level in the history of the brand. It is also the first Ford’s vehicle to come with mild, full and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

New plug-in hybrids – the 7-seater Ford Explorer and the 8-seater Tourneo Custom – provide a large enough electric-only driving range and, at the same time, independence of an ICE-powered car.

The all-new Ford Puma EcoBoost Hybrid is a compact crossover using the latest mild-hybrid technology to reduce CO2 emissions, optimize fuel consumption and make steering more responsive. It is first introduced in the stylish Titanium version.

The full-hybrid Ford Mondeo wagon can self-charge from a petrol engine. This model is an attractive alternative to diesel cars, as it provides electric drive, which is a convenient option in urban conditions.

Ford’s Go Electric event is also debuting in Germany. It gives consumers a detailed description of electrified car features. The company believes that by 2022 more than 50% Ford’ passenger cars sales will be electrified vehicles.

Other products from Ford at the IAA 2019

New home wall chargers can reduce the charging time of Ford plug-in hybrids by a third. Installation service and special green tariffs will be provided in partnership with six leading European electricity suppliers, including Centrica.

A new smartphone application makes it easy to use services of more than 118,000 public charging stations across Europe in partnership with NewMotion.

We can add that in 2020 Ford plans to launch into production a Mustang-inspired all-electric SUV with fast charging function and a WLTP-rated driving range of 373 miles (600 km).

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