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Ford Presents Full Collection Of “Alphabetic” Models During Detroit Auto Show

The Ford Museum in Piquette Avenue in Detroit will offer visitors of the Detroit Auto Show (January 13-28, 2019) a unique chance to see in full a unique collection of Ford’s first models.

Along with the well-known Ford Model A and Ford Model T, other cars from the so-called “alphabetic” lineup will be presented at the Ford plant: B, C, F, K, N, R and S. They are first collected in the same exposition.

The rarest exhibit is the Ford Model B of 1904. The four-wheel vehicle has an engine located in front, The owner himself was Henry Ford. There are only 6 such cars in the world.

The Ford Model N is a predecessor of the Ford Model T, from which the automobilization of mankind began.

The Model N with a front mounted 15-hp four-cylinder engine was sold 10 times better than the luxurious Model K with a six-cylinder unit. Its success made Henry Ford create a reliable, easy-to-maintain mass model. It is about the legendary Ford Model T, developed directly at the Ford Pickett Avenue Plant.

Here, in the small three-story brick building, the first 12,000 Ford Model Ts were made. For the entire production period from 1908 to 1927 Ford manufactured 15,000,000 vehicles.

In 1910, the automaker moved production to a new plant in Highland Park, Detroit Suburbs. Here Ford first introduced a conveyor assembly. The plant in Pickett Avenue was sold to Studebaker in 1911.

The museum, usually closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, will be open every day during the Detroit Motor Show. The “alphabetic” models from the collection of Larry Porter will be showcased here until 2022.

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