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Ford Patents a Key Feature of the Upcoming Bronco

Ford has filed two patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.The first patent image is for a removable roof frame, the second is for repackable airbags.

The both received approval in the past week. The patents have to do with a removable roof, a key feature of the new Ford Bronco.

The removable roof structure gets rid of the B-, C-, D-pillars, roof rails and crossbeams. It provides a real open-air experience.

Roof-mounted airbags can be repacked after deployment for them not to obstruct the driver’s view: once airbags are deployed, they can be put back manually into the weatherproof cover, and the driver, in his turn, can maneuver the car to a spot where emergency vehicles assistance is possible.

From a teaser video released by the company 3 months ago, the upcoming Ford Bronco will make its official debut soon – in spring 2020.

The model, which is the Jeep Wrangler‘s direct rival, will most likely get a 2.3-liter turbo-four as a base engine, as well as a V6 and a hybrid powertrain as options.

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