Ford Offers Customers a Way to Get F-150 Sooner

Ford F-150 2021 MY image

Under a new plan, the 2021 Ford F-150 can be built without an auto start-stop in-engine function. Ford sent a corresponding letter to its dealers.

Those order holders who agree to remove this feature through the end of this year will receive a $50 credit and take delivery of their pickups faster.

The removal relates to the vehicles of the 2021 model year produced in August-September, and also to some previously scheduled stock orders for which it is not too late to change specification.

Of course, elimination of Auto Start-Stop is not Ford’s whim – it is rather a forced step caused by continuing chip shortage and, as a result, – production cuts Ford faces.

The automaker is just seeking ways to hand over more F-150s to owners as soon as possible. And it is not Ford’s know-how. General Motors did the same on some of its 2021 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra earlier this year.

But there is one problem: the change could have a negative impact on the fuel economy. Ford does not directly confirm this but reports that the F150s without start-stop will come with revised EPA fuel efficiency numbers on their window stickers.

Source: CarsDirect

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