Ford Offers an Incentive to Buyers as a Reward for Waiting

the Ford Bronco deliveries_1

Ford is providing a $1,000 incentive to customers as a kind of apology for delivery delays.

This is about the so-called Retail Order Bonus Cash Certificate. It replaces the $500 Retail Order Incentive Program Blue Oval previously offered.

This rebate applies to most models through July 6, 2021. It is retroactive going back to April 1. Depending on the vehicle and the dealer selling it, buyers can bundle the $1,000 rebate with other incentives available at the time of purchase.

Ford has to idle its assembly plants in the USA and Mexico, where it builds the F-150 and Broncos, due to a semiconductor chips shortage. In addition, the Ford Bronco deliveries are affected by hardtop-related supply issues.

There are some cues to the revival of semiconductor chip supplies. Production should return to normal sooner or later. In the meantime, carmakers including Ford Motor Co. have to figure out how to reduce the impatience of purchasers suffering from production delays.

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