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Ford Offers 3D-Knitted Seat Covers Which Heat, Control, Charge Phone

Ford introduces a new 3D technology for seat covers that enables built-in connectivity and features for personalization.

3D textiles used in seat covers for Ford vehicles are able to integrate heating, controls for doors and windows, sensors for driver’s health monitoring and even a wireless smartphone charging.

Customers can add bespoke touches and benefit from intuitive functionality Ford’s Human-Centric Design conception provides.

3D knitting creates less waste. There is no cutting or fabrics sewing, no stitching. Various yarns canbe used: polyester, wool, silk, carbon, recycled materials.

Customers choose from different cover types (for kids, pets, front, rear) and designs (seasonal and region-specific, with individual colors and graphics).

3D knitted covers are engineered to fit to the chair shape. Not only seats, but any interior part can use a 3D-knitted material. Ford leads in developing of seat covers for customization.

The new Ford Puma, for example, features the company’s first ever removable and washable seat covers with fabric choices, which integrate a zipper system, customers images, names or logos.

Source: Ford

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