Ford Maverick Real Fuel Economy Is Even Better Than Official Figures

Fuel EconomyTest of Ford Maverick Hybrid

The 2022 Ford Maverick has proved to offer a real fuel economy of over 50 mph which is significantly more than official EPA estimates.

The real-life driving experience of at least two motor enthusiasts, namely one of the bosses of Ford North America Mike Levine, and YouTuber Jason Fenske showed the Ford Maverick Hybrid is actually even more fuel-efficient than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rated.

The official figures are 42 city/33 highway/37 combined miles per gallon. The mentioned gentlemen managed to extract a very decent 50 mpg from the 2022 Maverick hybrid.

Fenske posted the details of his trip on Twitter. He needed just 2.3 gallons to drive 118 miles (equivalent to 51+ mpg). He started the trip from his house on a full tank, minus whatever it took to come from the gas station, and mostly drove at low highway speeds of 60-70 mph, with some city driving and some idling, and with the Maverick’s trip computer off.

Jason said he used Google Maps to define the exact distance he covered. The vehicle’s display indicated a total of self-generated 31.7 miles driven on electric power – and that contributed to achieving an excellent result of fuel economy.   

As we can see, it is no coincidence that the Ford Maverick Hybrid is in high demand. The real demand for the hybrid version has quickly exceeded the mark of originally expected 40 percent of all 2022 Maverick orders.

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