Sales Show Ford Maverick Is In Great Demand Among Youngsters

2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid XLT image

The Ford Maverick compact pickup is liked by young people judging by sales last month.

The Ford Maverick went on sale recently, in September 2021. The result of October, which is the first full month of sales, inspires cautious optimism: 4,841 sold Maverick pickups. The rivaling Hyundai Santa Cruz could boast of just 1,848 sales last month.

But another thing is interesting – the age of the Maverick buyers. More than one-quarter of them (over 25 percent) are 18-35-year-olds, that is, Millennials and Generation Z or zoomers. For comparison, the overall industry rate for this age group is 12 percent only.

It all may be Ford made the right decision to launch the Maverick (though a new product is always risky), and the model could find its focus buyer. Unlike most rivals, the Maverick combines a rather low price with fine fuel economy, goof functionality and modern design.

Another appealing aspect is that it is easily customizable, and youngsters should like this. Ford even believes the Maverick can become one of its icons in the course of time.

Source: Ford Authority

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