Ford Maverick Becomes an Alternative to Affordable Sedans

Ford Maverick 2022 MY front image

Though Ford removed all sedans from its lineup for North America, today it looks like there is an alternative to them – the Maverick.

Dealers note that this compact pickup is catching the eye of those people who previously owned affordable Ford sedans, such as the Fusion, Fiesta, Focus. The Ford Maverick is a credible option for them.

These customers can appreciate the Maverick’s efficient hybrid powertrain and nice fuel economy (40 mpg in the city), a good look, a low base price of under $20,000, a decent list of standard features, and the idea to add the utility provided by a pickup.

The Maverick is also a promising model for Ford dealers, as it helps retain the sedan base, on the one hand, and attract new buyers, including fleet customers, on the other hand.

It must be also admitted that Ford’s new small pickup can quite confidently compete with the 2022 Honda Civic which is mostly more expensive than the Maverick.

By the way, the 2022 Ford Maverick’s price tag of $19,995 is lower than the original 1908 Model T’s when adjusted for inflation (a bit over $25,000).

Ford reports that over 80,000 customers have pre-ordered a Maverick, and most of them are residents of California. We can say the same about the F-150 Lighting: the majority of reservation holders are Californians. This state is the ‘greenest’ in the USA.

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