Ford Maverick Arouses Great Consumer Interest, Production Has Started

Ford Maverick goes into production

The other day, Ford announced it had launched the Ford Maverick into production. Customer deliveries will start soon.

Be ready to see the first Maverick trucks on the roads in both Americas – primarily in the USA and Canada and then in Brazil, Argentina, other countries.

Given more than 100,000 reservations and multiple Internet inquiries, the Maverick has aroused strong consumer interest. There is reason to believe that this pickup truck attracts many owners of vehicles of other brands, largely Toyota and Honda.

According to Ford Authority, most U.S. reservation holders are the residents of the areas where the Toyota Tacoma historically dominates: California, Texas, and Florida. Moreover, a large percentage of orders is placed by men under 40 years old, as well as first-time truck owners, fleet customers and, interestingly, – those who previously owned Ford sedans.

Ford produces the Maverick at the Hermosillo plant, alongside the Ford Bronco Sport. The latter, by the way, shares Ford’s C2 platform with the Maverick (and the Escape).

In 2024, a hybrid Bronco Sport should arrive, assumedly with the same hybrid powertrain (a 2.5L four-cylinder 191-hp one) that powers the Ford Maverick.

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