Ford Kuga Topped the Ranking Of the Most Popular Hybrids In Europe

Ford Kuga PHEV image

Kuga currently leaves no chance for competitors in the European PHEV segment.

According to the sales results in 2022, the Ford Kuga became the sales leader in the segment of plug-in hybrids in Europe. According to JATO Dynamics, almost 59,000 buyers chose a crossover.

Kuga fully deserves the title “EUROPEAN PHEV NO. 1″. The closest pursuer, which is the plug-in hybrid version of the BMW 3 Series, was sold only in the quantity of 32,405 cars in 2022. In addition, the demand for the hybrid 3 Series decreased by 9%, while the Kuga PHEV sales, on the contrary, increased by a quarter compared to the year before last.

The top five most popular PHEVs in Europe include the Volvo XC40 and XC60, as well as the Hyundai Tucson. By the way, the total result of the two Volvos approximately equals the Ford Kuga PHEV sales.

We should add that the Kuga version with a 2.5l 225-hp Duratec PHEV powertrain will cost, for example, in Germany, from 43,750 euros.

In addition to the plug-in version, the modern Ford Kuga is also offered with a 150-hp EcoBoost petrol engine, as a parallel hydride (190 hp), as well as with an EcoBlue diesel engine (120 hp).

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